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The Olive Branch once was a retreat destination and home to the Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls. In 2008 these women of spirit passed this extraordinary place on to the care and keeping of some spirited women. Marla Waseka and Jessica Town-Gunderson now offer this destination to the public for use as their own private destination.


At the Olive Branch we believe in connections; connection to loved ones, connection to self, and connection to spirit. The Olive Branch was created to unplug from the everyday, to savor time, and to connect with the important people and things in life.


Explore the outdoors. Listen to the sounds of nature.


Snuggle in on a cool evening in front of the fire.


Bring along music that makes your feet dance and your heart sing.


Create memories and meals to savor.


Catch your first fish.


Jump in a lake.








At the Olive Branch it’s always the perfect time to connect.


We are dedicated to creating a relaxing and peaceful experience filled with unexpected delights.


We call this feeling "unplugged tranquility".


We hope you can come and stay!


Marla & Jessica


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